Does Rotax change its business to e-technology?

With the e-powerpack technology Rotax will extend the customer base by attracting new and different customers.

Rotax will be ready for the e-technology to be able to offer a product with the e-advantages. Especially low noise will open new playgrounds beside the existing tracks e.g. city races, new race tracks close to cities.

Will there be special e-kart racetracks?

The significantly lower noise emissions will enable also new kart race tracks closer to cities. Existing race tracks will adopt their infrastructure to enable charging at the track which will offer the tracks an additional revenue opportunity.

What will be the regulations for e-kart races?

The Rotax e-powerpack offers a lot of new opportunities which will rise the attractiveness of competition. Out of this a specific regulation for the racing format as well as the equipment will be applied. Just to highlight one main element in the future - we will see more strategic racing (boosting function for a certain period for all drivers, etc...)

Is it possible to compare an e-kart to a conventional race kart?

The e-Kart with its electrical engine characteristic (full torque & acceleration right from the beginning) is a different experience and not to be compared with combustion engine karts → despite the higher weight of the vehicle we reach equal or better lap times than a Rotax Senior MAX kart.

What is the benefit to participate in an e-Race / e-racing series?

The Rotax e-kart racing concept combines the virtual and real world of racing. The limited technical complexity offers all competitors the most equal opportunities - it's up to your driving skills which means - "the difference is you". And due to connectivity it will be more thrilling for viewers. Real time charging status, boosting, limited charging level for more strategic driving etc..

Will there be an own racing series like the Grand Finals?

It is planned to have a racing series in the future.

Where will this racing series take place and for how many racers?

We are finalizing the concept at the moment; details will be announced at a later time.

What differentiates the THUNDeR powerpack from any other e-race powerpack on the

At the moment we are the only ones offering a fleet of high-performance e-race powerpacks.

How often do I have to maintain my e-powerpack?

There is no maintenance needed. You have to recharge the battery.

Are you selling only the engine or the entire kart?

At the beginning you can get the ePowerpack or the entire Vehicle only from RIC TECH

What are the opportunities in racing? In e-kart racing?

If you look at current and former Formula One, Formula E and other popular racers most of them have started their career in kart racing. The same will happen in e-kart racing. Due to the arrive and drive concept it attracts new customers  that - once bitten by the racing bug - can continue their carrier in different racing series - no matter if e-powered or combustion-powered.

Which company will be responsible for e Karting?

BRP-Rotax and SMRE / IET have created a JV company - RIC TECH GmbH which will

be responsible for all e Karting activities in the future.

Where can the e-powerpack and the kart be tested?

Information will follow in due course.

Will there be events to present the e-powerpack? Where? At what tracks?

Yes, of course. The next event will be the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in

Portimao, Portugal on November 11, 2017. And further events are planned. E.g.

city races and later on the E-MAX Challenge. For further information contact RIC TECH GmbH.

Where and how can the e-powerpack be charged?

RIC Tech will offer a slow and a fast charger.